My name is Indira Noëlle Eikenaar and you may know me from No-Ending. I was born in Apeldoorn and am currently located in Vleuten. After practicing in many fields, including reintegration coaching/psychology, NLP, smart tapping EFT, styling/fashion/jewelry design, and interior styling, I always kept myself passionately and enthusiastically engaged in my true passion in my free time: painting and creating art.

I am intensely involved in various creative processes every day. I draw inspiration for my artworks from everywhere: nature, various travels, and different high-end interiors. I enjoy working with beautiful materials that I use from my intuition when creating various works/objects. All works originate from spontaneity and a certain emotion.

Art Connects People

Art connects people. I find the most beautiful thing about creating my paintings/art, is that you can touch people with your art, inspire them, and awaken their curiosity. Art amazes and makes us human... The interpretation is very personal. Where one person sees something personal in it, the other may not. Yet, there are always colors, shapes, and patterns that evoke similar associations in people. The creation of art is an unconscious, magical, and intuitive process. Each artwork is unique, authentic, and has a personal character. 

An Artwork is Poetry for your Interior

Thus, art or a beautiful painting can be a tremendous added value to your interior. In addition to the aesthetic or emotional aspect, a beautiful work can strengthen the space or be very functional. It creates a tremendous atmosphere. Relief and structure give a soul to your interior, where a lot of energy and love is invested. At No-Ending Art, I am happy to work together with the client(s) to find a suitable artwork/painting that is balanced and can be customized to taste and need. Of course, I also sell existing works.

Characteristic of my paintings/artworks are the expressive colors that have a tough, chic, and elegant appearance. If I have piqued your interest, please feel free to contact us via the contact form below.



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